Tennis Pilot Tips

Terms & Conditions

  1. Tennis Pilot Tips (TPT) (sometimes referred to as ‘We’) provides the results of formalised research. We are not a betting syndicate, broker or betting agency. We do not accept bets in any form.
  2. We do not endorse or encourage gambling which is more than recreational. Do not bet what you cannot afford to lose, and seek help if necessary.


Use and Limitations


  1. You are responsible for compliance with any relevant laws and regulations that apply in your region.
  2. You are free to use content generated by TPT to place bets of your choosing.
  3. We encourage the individual responsibility of our members.
  4. TPT is not liable for any damages or losses incurred by the use or misuse of our content.


Record of Tips


  1. Our tips record has a full list of pre-match tips we have offered. Should the odds advertised in a tip change significantly within half an hour of our advertising them, TPT will adjust the odds or record the bet as void so as not to present results out of line with what subscribers have been able to follow. Please see our Statement of Policy (link) for a full explanation.


Recommended Staking


  1. For every tip we publish, we recommend a stake size. These will always be between £1 and £50, with £10 representing 1% of our theoretical bankroll. Whilst we strongly recommend following our staking advice proportionately, we ask you again only to bet within your means. Our staking suggestions are not to be taken as guidance for how much you should bet, but as suggested proportions between your own discretionary stake sizes.


Money Back Guarantee


  1. We keep a constantly up to date record of the follows statistics: total tips, win percentage, total staked, profit/loss, and return on investment (ROI). If the ROI for the last 30 days on the date at which your subscription is due for renewal is below 0%, then we will refund your membership fee for the start of that period - in other words, for the month where we lost money. This is not construed as liability.




  1. Your privacy is important to us. The following constitutes our privacy policy. We are committed to maintaining and applying the following principles in order to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information is protected and assured.
  1. What data do we collect? When you sign up to TPT, we collect your name, your email address(es) linked to your PayPal account. This information is mandatory in order to participate in and receive the service. Without it we cannot contact you to offer tips or take payment.
  1. How is data stored and processed? Your information is safe. Paypal protects data relating to payments. The only information we store separately is your email address to give you access to our Google Sheet. This is necessary for you to be able to have access to the service.
  1. We absolutely never share any of your information with third parties.




  1. We will give 30 days notice to any members before any amendments to these Terms and Conditions.